“We need courage, real courage! We need the courage to say that the life of the world must be re-established on totally new foundations. This courage is something we learn very quickly or not at all.”

Rudolf Steiner, from an address to the young people in 1924.

About the Youth Section

The Youth Section is one of the 11 sections of the School of Spiritual Science, founded in 1923 - 1924 by Rudolf Steiner, that has its base at the Goetheanum. Our task is to provide spaces for young people to explore their questions and develop their initiatives so that they can shape the future out of their unique potential and creativity.

We support each young person involved in our activities— informal learning events and research opportunities —to develop themselves and take action in collaboration with their peers and society, nurturing their capacity to consciously shape themselves and the world.

The Youth Section is currently active in more than 20 world locations. Groups and associations of young people work together out of Anthroposophy to deepen their knowledge of self and the world and to take initiative in their local communities. This international network is as unique as each of its individual members, changing and evolving with the present times and as its members grow.


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