Support the global network

The Youth Section of the anthroposophical movement is spread across the hemispheres and timezones, with friends in South America, Africa, Asia and Oceania, Europe and North America. For many friends wishing to travel by plane, especially to Europe, ticket costs and housing and food can be a truly prohibitive factor in their decision to come to vital events.

Last June, friends at the Youth Section Coworkers Gathering were taken by the heartfelt desire to make our future gatherings more financially accessible to friends from any part of the world, no matter their country’s economic situation relative to a more wealthy country’s currency. We trust there is enough bread and fish to go around, and we are calling upon the anthroposophical community worldwide to support us in this endeavor of sharing!

Out of a heartfelt appreciation for our different financial circumstances, we resolved to initiate a Youth Section Global Access Fund to help share wealth - the lifeblood of our intentions - where it can make possible what is otherwise not: gathering together to support each other’s future work in the world.

Friends who were present in June felt deeply inspired to give to one another what we could. We asked every affiliated project or group of the Youth Section to contribute something to this fund, no matter how large or small the donation. A donation of a dollar is a symbolic gesture, a signature, setting a clear intention to recognize that support is mutual between all groups from all places. We all rejoice when we can support each other: like mycelial networks, like geese flying V formation.

After researching the best way to gather donations, we determined that a GoFundMe for this coming year’s co-worker’s gathering in the Netherlands would be the best way to start a fund effectively and quickly. In future years, we hope to expand this Global Access Fund to provide support for projects initiated by groups that could go further in their work with some financial support from the Global Youth Section.

We feel deeply inspired by the possibilities for the future of anthroposophy in the coming 100 years! We are conscious that whatever happens in ten or twenty years from now will begin with the relationships we form with other young people who share our heartfelt aims. The young people are indeed here! We want to continue to hold hands with our friends from near and far, standing upright in the fullest expression of our shared humanity, conscious of the great spirits that move between us.

Please consider supporting us with a dollar, a hundred, or a thousand, as the spirit moves you.

With gratitude,
The Youth Section