Of our events, projects and initiatives over the years


Co-workers' Gathering 2023 at the Goetheanum

There are countless young people who feel connected to anthroposophy and who are working in anthroposophically inspired initiatives around the world, trying to connect their university studies with anthroposophy or to find a vocation that can fully engage them. In their hearts, in their will, there is a drive to work toward spiritual knowledge and renewal in themselves, their localities, and globally. It is a task of our Section to support this, to see to it that these glowing embers are not snubbed out but are fanned to brighter flame by association, deepening, and collaboration.



Youth Section at the Goetheanum - 2022 ANNUAL REVIEW

This year's achievements and highlights include the Youth Section's first Research School, the completion of the research project with three living and working communities in Germany, the second edition of "Question! Encounter! Play!" and the launching of a new initiative: The Threefold Social Order & the Task of Youth.



Question, Encounter Play! Transformative Dialogue Through Theatre

Question! Encounter! Play! is a program hosted by the Youth Section at the Goetheanum that aims to foster encounter, inclusion and creativity amongst young people from different backgrounds through art. In October 2021, 21 young people from 15 different countries gathered at the Goetheanum to work for 6 days together on an original performance piece.


Courage to Trust. A portrait of the Youth Section 2019 - 2021

In this report, the Youth Section reviews projects and initiatives during the years 2019 - 2021. The co-workers portray and reflect on the themes and questions that accompanied them and their peers during these historical years for contemporary youth. From climate questions and early experiences dealing with the Covid-19 crisis to finding Courage and grounding Trust.


"Trust" 2021 International Students Conference

This booklet was created by the team of the International Students’ Conference 2021 “Trust” to document the path of planning and realizing the first digital students conference live-streamed from the Goetheanum to hundreds of high school students around the world.