Nathaniel Williams on Social Threefolding: an introduction. February Days 2023

Max Ruhri from the Free Community Bank in Basel on Social Threefolding. February Days 2023

Holger Wilms from "Ways to Quality" during February Days 2023 at the Goetheanum

February Days 2023 - Critóbal Ortín from the Cristian Community Zurich on "Social threefolding"

February Days 2023 - Götz Feeser from the Presencing Institute on "Theory U"

Constanza Kaliks on "Research as Participation in the Process of Knowledge"

Nathaniel Williams on "Some Aspects of Anthroposophical Research"

Libby Sanders on "Research and the Camphill Movement" Research School

Mariano Kasanetz on “Destiny and the Shaping of Identity”. Questions of Belonging

Ronja Eis and Till Hoeffner on “Identity Between the Individual and Structures”. Q of Belonging

Menna Saed on “Theatre for Co-Resilience”. Colloquium Questions of Belonging

Dr. Constanza Kaliks on "Belonging". Colloquium Questions of Belonging