Threefold Social Order and the task of Youth

Threefold Social Order and the task of Youth

16 - 19 February 2023

During "February Days" we want to explore Rudolf Steiner's indications on how to understand social life and how to work towards social renewal.

On the one hand, by meeting with people who are already working in the economic, political and/or cultural spheres according to these principles and, on the other hand, by studying and learning about it together.

Can anthroposophy, through the ideas of the threefold social order, inspire new generations to build healthy social relationships? Can we speak about Social Threefolding responding to reality? What are the values that need to be developed in order to bring these ideas into the world? How can we, as young people, cultivate them?

We hope that during these days, these new ideas can be sown in each of us and thus become a source of inspiration to accompany our daily individual and social work.

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