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Youth Section in North America - SATURDAY SHARINGS

BetaFormat: 1st and 3rd Saturdays

4/1 ~ 4/15 ~ 5/6 ~ 5/20 ~ 6/3 ~ 6/17

What is it?

We are initiating this space to support one another (you-us-them-someone you know) in our personal research – inquiries – initiatives – projects, through a bi-weekly rhythm study, sharing and dialogue. However you are aspiring to do “your thing” or are searching for “that thing”, we are shaping this intentional space together to learn and support one another to show up and keep on going forward. Yup, even your whispering breath of a thing, THAT COUNTS! Seeds, Sprouts, full gardens too, join us, if even just to listen...


Youth Section in Germany

We warmly invite you to join us in celebrating the foundation of the youth section in Germany.

We are a group of young people who carry a flame for anthroposophy in our hearts. We want to create heartfelt spaces where young people can come together to share their authentic striving for the spiritual. Bringing initiatives together that share a connection to anthroposophy is another core aspect of our vision. From the 30th of June - 2nd of July we want to officially celebrate the birth of our impulse on the grounds of Schloss Hamborn.

We look forward to welcoming guests of all ages who want to come, witness and support us!




"Principles of Healthy Social Life"

Working toward social health within existing social forms

We, Parzival Youth Society and Goetheanum Youth Section plan to organize a conference around our newly built school, which will serve the following purposes:

- Working on and deepening pre-planned topics, because it is the case that impulses and directions, to and behind which we go or want to go, must flow into us from some source - lectures and workshops will have their place for this.

- Participants will have the opportunity to interact with each other, participate in diverse activities, walk in nature, feel rural areas and share their views of life and opinions - give an impulse to action.

- Show examples of communities (which can be presented by participants if they wish) and thematize commune as a form of community close to human beings, because communal living based on good, anthroposophical impulses is a real tool against Ahriman in the social plan.

For more information about the conference: