Research in Living & Working Communities

Research in Living & Working Communities

A social research process co-created with three living and working communities in Germany

In 2020 the Youth Section’s research team got invited to present working methods and results from our social study about youth at the social therapy community Altenschlirf in Germany. As a result, we were commissioned to design and conduct a research process in three living and working communities in Germany (Arbeits- und Lebensgemeinschaften für Menschen mit Hilfebedarf). The communities Münzinghof, Altenschlirf and Sassen-Richthof house about 1000 people with and without special needs who want to integrate into living and working communities.

The three communities wish to articulate and describe for themselves the work they are doing from a social and Goethean-scientific perspective through the research methods designed by the Youth Section. A second element regarding their development potential is also at the heart of this research. These two aspects are contemplated in the first phase of the process. The second phase is concerned with integrating the work of these communities within the broader discussion about inclusion, participation and self-determination in the context of social and disability care and rights.

The research methodologies include one-on-one interviews, focus groups, participatory observation and action research which actively involves the people who live in the communities. The whole research design is crafted in co-creation with the three communities. A significant outreach step for the Youth Section team in widening our research experience and skills.

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