YIAM - Young Impulses in Anthroposophic Medicine

YIAM - Young Impulses in Anthroposophic Medicine

05 September 2023 74 views

by Tania Prince, Daniel Geraldo and Sophia Wittchow

YIAM (Young Impulses in Anthroposophic Medicine) is an interdisciplinary and international community of young people connected to Anthroposophic Medicine; we are also connected to the Medical Section at the Goetheanum in Switzerland.

We host biannual meetings in person at the Dottenfelderhof, Germany, and in Dornach, Switzerland and we are preparing a conference with the Medical Section to celebrate 100 years of the Course for Young Doctors. The conference is called 'How do I find the Good?' and will take place from 3-7th of January 2024.

Our next in-person meeting will take place in Dornach from the 7th to the 10th of September, shortly before the annual medical conference. In this gathering we will use clay modeling to work with a lecture from the Course for Young Doctors (about formative forces), we will have conversations with Peter Selg and other people we can learn from, continue with our conference preparation, and connect with our questions, guiding stars and hopes for our community.

If you are curious about any of this or would like to join our upcoming gathering and/or the conference in January, we'd love to hear from you: