When words become action

When words become action

09 June 2020 395 views

by Andrea de la Cruz

The Youth Section Worldwide is connecting once a month for the next half of 2020 to (Re)Search how we envision our future post-pandemic, and how to become agents of the changes we wish to see in the world. In the spirit of our research, the next 6 months will focus on living with questions and shaping initiatives out of the findings that arise from our asking. The Youth Section at the Goetheanum will act as the facilitators and gatherers of the young people’s voices. The process will culminate in December at our Research Colloquium, where we will present the results achieved.

After the sweeping events of the first half of 2020, we have designed within the frame of our research project an initiative that will span the second half of the year. It is about responding, as individuals connected to others, to what comes to meet us from the world that we have not chosen nor expected, and to transform it into something of value for humanity and planet. Previous to the online gathering, we asked participants to live with the questions posed in our research project. We adapted the questions slightly to fit the present circumstances resulting from the COVID-19 crisis. We collected reflections that brought to light the different aspects that these young people find as vital needs and actions to take up now.

Amongst the initial responses, it became apparent how for the young people of the Youth Section, deepening self-knowledge, self-development and engaging in one’s immediate surroundings is a key step in making a change for the world, so we asked ourselves: what is the link between inner change and societal change? How does change happen, what is the nature of it? When it comes to connecting our individuality to others, the need to take our space within the institutions we are linked to was revealed, for they can be connectors between the individual and larger society as a whole. When it comes to change, we need to let go of pain and fear that being unable to predict brings about and in this, nature is the teacher that can shows us how to live with unpredictability. Changes causes us fear and pain. We need to respond to fear in the right way and become an example of how to do such thing for others. Corona brought fear and anxieties to the surface of our lives, but also an opportunity to reflect. One of the takeaways from our reflections is that this crisis has shed a light on the need to renew the basis upon which our interactions happen. Hence, improving ways of communication and healing links amongst disconnected and opposing parties, were some of the spaces to take action in. Giving voice to diverse entities is important, but not enough, they need to communicate, to connect, to listen to each other. And when we speak about diversity, this has to include everyone – not only the victims, also the perpetrators – a young woman explained. We need to look at our shadows, and include them in the discourse, in the debate, to bring clarity and changes that are in dialogue with all. Empathy also seems vital to begin interacting in a fluid way with each other” to avoid miscommunications and entanglements, which are perceived as the cause of the voids that open between peoples. Letting go of fear and panic, contaminating ourselves with love and understanding and never losing hope, were some of the comments we heard from the youngest voices. Half way through our conversation, we began to question the need to take some elemental steps now if we don’t want to go back to the old ways. We need to ask: how did we come to this? An urgency in developing an awareness of how, perhaps unconsciously, we as individuals play a part in shaping the difficulties that we so want to change. In the spirit of questioning and research we will meet again on July 8th from 17 – 19 hrs Central European Time to find a common question with which to work and live with over the next 6 months. We are inviting any young person interested in stepping into this process to get in touch and begin enquiring about the future with us.

(Photo: start Research call 4th of June 2020)