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by Laila Morais and members of the Youth Section in Brazil

Me, you, and us, Young Spirits,
We resonate with something greater than our existence
We seek to act with will, meaning and awareness
With respect and unity, we transform our realities
Spreading love and support throughout the community
In the now, me, you, and us are in resonance,
Together with many young people we are and we make a change.

In the coldest week of the year, in the city of Bauru, young people from different regions of Brazil gathered during the Brazilian Youth Meeting: WEAVING WEFTS. From May 29th to June 2nd, even with the cold temperatures, the days were warmed by the encounter with others, by discovering oneself among so many. They were days filled with affection, welcome, learning, exchanges, knowledge, hugs, laughter, anguish, pain, true friendships, flavors... Among so many expectations and powers, they were days of achievements, of renewing hopes, of weaving the threads of Brazilian youth.

The WEAVING WEFTS Meeting, for those who were in the organization, began in September 2023, at a gathering of the Youth Section in São Paulo. In the 8 months of gestation and preparation, there were many other meetings. Through the ReconheSER JovEM project, which visited more than 12 Waldorf high schools in Brazil, the invitation to the Youth Meeting reached the northeast, center, south and southeast of the country.

It was then, on May 29th, that the Viver school, headquarters of the event, prepared the space to welcome us and the Meeting actually became real.
The more than 120 young people, including participants, support, organizers and guests, came from more than 6 states (SP, MG, PE, BA, DF, SC and PR) and 18 municipalities, making up a diverse and plural network.

The date

On the first night, we began the meeting with the presentation of the Young Eurythmy group guided by teacher and eurythmist Suzana Murbach, and composed of young people linked to Viver Escola Waldorf (Bauru/SP), Aitiara Escola Waldorf (Botucatu/SP) and Escola Waldorf João Guimarães Rosa (Ribeirão Preto/SP).
After dinner, we organized some dynamics to break the ice and generate connections between participants. The arrangements and rules of the meeting were then reviewed, so that we could have a pleasant and respectful coexistence with everyone.

In the days that followed, we started the mornings with the Youth Section verse, followed by music, rhythms and eurythmy exercises, bringing cohesion to the group.
Every morning, we would go through the day's messages and attend the lectures, with the following themes: biographical journey (Fernando Favaretto), education beyond the school walls (Taetê Ori and Brena Lu) and social trimembration (Joan Melé).
Every afternoon, workshops took place, which covered topics such as: biography (Martha Mello and Fernando Favaretto), Emergency Pedagogy (Paulo Vicente and Kleber Akama), financial education (Alonso Campoi), Elos methodology (Bel Rocha and João Vitor Vargas), Tekó Porã theater (Luara Iracema), bringing ideas to reality (Marilha Balieiro), art as a bridge (Luciana Pinheiro), construction of a geodesic (Anderson Fabri) and about guilds (Fê Maia).

We also had dynamic groups, conversation circles and assemblies, where we talked about Philosophy of Freedom (Rogério Calia), what we want to do with our individual time (Joan Melé) and what anthroposophy we want (Youth Section). We seek to connect and bring participants even closer together, through games, dynamics and questions that encourage the sharing of learning.

On Thursday night, we warmed our hearts with a June party, with a bonfire, games, typical foods and square dancing. The following night, we had the Coletivo Mentalize MA Soiree, which was attended by artists from Camerata Monte Azul, Circo Ponte das Estrelas and many other talented voices.

We started Saturday night with a farewell soiree, so that more young people could present their talents: we had a performance by Viver's 9th year band (FOOTNOTE: who, despite not being able to participate in the meeting fully, due to the limit of their age group, were present at many moments, helping to organize the space and providing support to participants), funny musical and instrumental presentations. We also had the 9th year students from Viver, who presented us with the Boi de Mamão play, and, to the delight of many, after the performance there was a surprise competition, and we ended the activities with a party that went into the night...

On the last day of the Meeting, Sunday, we shared the achievements of the workshops and dynamic groups, and we thanked the school and staff who looked after and welcomed everyone during the 5 days.

We are immensely grateful to the many supporters, who believed and invested time, money and knowledge so that we could sustain and carry out this event in all instances. WEAVING WEFTS was the realization of many other meetings, exchanges, initiatives and dreams, and the question that remains is:
When will the next one be?


We invited the participants, organizers and guests to tell us what it was like to participate in the Meeting:

"The Weaving Wefts event required a lot of willpower and ability to adapt, but every effort was rewarded by every smile, every encounter, every moment of reflection, every artistic expression, every hug we witnessed. I, at least, would do it all again." Yuri Cetra, Guarujá/SP (Youth Section)

"I carry with me images of our meeting, which inspire me and give me hope for our future. As an organizing team, we did not know what results the event would have, but we deeply wanted the Meeting to bring new perspectives to young people. To grow an internal strength for facing life and being enthusiastic about this path. We witnessed such beautiful learning, soul encounters! Looking at a full court, with 100 young people from different corners of Brazil, willing to meet and learn from each other, was truly nourishing for the soul." Indira Terciotti, Serra Grande/BA (Youth Section)

"Going to the youth meeting was a laborious and very challenging process, at various times you had to think about 'taking the step and the universe will give the floor'. Being at the event was impactful; being faced with the various contradictions, surprises and feelings! I'm happy and grateful for the opportunity and I feel excited to be in Bahia next time." Julia Vilas Boas, Salvador/BA.

"When I was invited to offer a workshop at the youth meeting, I immediately accepted because the impulse to bring together young people has inspired me since I started Michael's meetings in Minas Gerais 12 years ago. It was beautiful to witness the social art that was being created as an organism where, each day, expressive dynamics and exchanges of knowledge and skills were created. With each movement, powerful connections were created between young people from the most diverse backgrounds, coming from all parts of Brazil, sharing their impulses, anxieties and dreams." Luciana Pinheiro – Workshop “Art as a Bridge”