The Founding of the Oceanic Youth Circle

The Founding of the Oceanic Youth Circle

13 September 2023 653 views

by Rebecca Debski

The Oceanic Youth Circle had its official founding ceremony in Newcastle, Australia on Saturday, September 2nd. The weekend was spread across 3 days with singing, eurythmy, cooking, bonfires and camping. Nathaniel Williams, leader of the Youth Section at the Goetheanum in Dornach came down from Switzerland and gave evening lectures and led morning meditation circles. Approximately 25 participants came from several states in Australia and New Zealand.

The weekend was spiritual, fun, and energetic. There was deep conversation and talk about bringing forward new initiatives led by youth including ideas like high school camps, future conferences, and state projects. There was a relaxed feel about the weekend, and it was great to see young people sitting together and drawing, having a cup of coffee and a chat, or helping out with making porridge in the morning.

The weekend came together after a year of planning by a young group of Anthroposophists who meet fortnightly over Zoom, studying lectures and discussing how to bring Anthroposophy into the world.

After being inspired by attending the weekend, a participant is already in the process of forming a youth group in Melbourne which is very exciting! We feel that the youth movement is going forward in Oceania, and there are plans to run a workshop for the youth, by the youth, at the upcoming Christmas conference in Victoria.

The founding of the Oceanic Youth Circle was just the beginning. We hope that the impulse will be continued and carried into the future with energy and earnest spiritual striving of youth.

With love,