16 June 2020 219 views

by the (Re)search Team

We asked youth from all over the world four questions and invited them to go through a process of (re)search and reflection - here are some of the thoughts we received...

"If I could give a gift to the world that would be the feeling of trust" (Female, 25, Netherlands)

At the same time the anxiety and the paralysing fear are working on the same aspects ascribed above. Not only on a personal level, but also on group movements. What am I allowed to say? How can I put my opinion into words without offending someone? How can you contribute to a healthy and fruitful debate?

If I could give a gift to the world that would be the feeling of trust that we have the strength to create beauty, health and love as much as we want. That if we would allow ourselves to freely act out of our passions, that we would be able to develop ourselves, but also a world filled with harmony. With this strength we would not be restricted (in our general freedom, freedom of speech, freedom of knowledge or gathering), but we would be able to deal with the many challenges facing us and see the opportunities in them.

Therefore I give people a compliment every day, I plant flowers throughout the city and water these flowers. On top of that I'm working on a platform for (young) people to realize their dreams by presenting them the tools to build their trust in entrepreneurship and presenting them a valuable network.

"Observers need to start contributing" (Male, 28, Jordania)

The recent event of Corona was just another light, that shed light more of the structure of our civilisation in the present.

We can see it as unfortunate, or as an interesting time to live in. The current civilisation shows a lot of the human capabilities in the brain and science development, in gaining the knowledge and implementing it as well as coming up with innovations, those are the closest ever to magic. All these inventions around us with the huge technology and achievements that we have seen in the last decades are showing what that simple human in the past era will be able to do later and what to reach. A big wow.

The mentioned above can resemble the outer shape of the tree of our civilisation, but when it comes to the roots of this tree, we then need to take a moment to think. Corona was this light that exposed a lot. Exposed how our roots are weak, almost every field that should hold us in ground is flawed in some way. The economic system? Extremely failed. The social systems, failed. Politics also as usual is the first field to obviously fail. Scientists, politicians, businessmen and others were main hands building this world, but it wouldn’t have been able to come true without us, the observers. Our problem is that we are taking this role as observers while being only consumers. We kept looking at the tree growing and growing, not giving a hand to the building process. The previous generations kept watching the tree growing, but back then it wasn’t clear enough how weak the roots are. Still not an excuse, however, we are the generation who could really see the picture from a wider angle and we can simply see nowadays with every new event that this tree is going to collapse no matter how we are improving with science and technology.It is already late to start but it is a must anyways. Observers need to start contributing.

The goal is to initiate the mentality of building the good instead of wasting the energy on fighting the bad.

If I would give a gift, it would be an awareness to the observers. An awareness, with it they will realize: the need to move, the ways and targets. Not working on this now will give us and the next generations very dark periods of crying and complaining about this whole existence.This awareness would be a tool for these observers to work on new systems, forming them and implementing them on communities, the small ones and big ones. The goal is to initiate the mentality of building the good instead of wasting the energy on fighting the bad. Building new systems, those will come over the current weak ones which will directly or indirectly eliminate them.

This new mentality –that is inspired by saving humanity and its environment and putting our inventions and knowledge on the track that will lead to our development humanly and spiritually- will show, after the implementations, how the human can still be creative, beautiful and capable of creating a right world without waiting for magic. I will be seeing changes in us that will make infinite changes in the world.

Today I am spreading thoughts.

"The sacred unseen space of meeting others" (Female, 30, Romania)

The world slowed down. Everyone around me retreated and looked inside. They did not rush around to jobs, holidays, after hours but spent time with themselves. People moved from panic and sadness, to discovering themselves and finding in new resources within themselves, becoming creative. On the other hand, a lot of people rushed towards new activities, only to find that they did not fill the void.

I would like to gift the world the ability to see the unseen bond between us. I would like for people to discover that relationships really do not depend on the physical, and that is what makes a hug or holding someone's hand all the more special. That when you love someone they are so vividly present that, in the moment you think of them, you are together.

People would feel less alone. People would show that they care more often. They would better understand the importance of empathy because it would be this very real force, that changes the quality of a relationship. People would be less afraid to show that they are hurting.

I would have to keep working on myself more than anything else. I would have to keep clean and sacred the unseen space of meeting others. I would have to remember to show that I care and to ask: how are you fully prepared to listen to any reality may come.