Questions of Belonging - (Re)search project

Questions of Belonging - (Re)search project

20 July 2021 1167 views

by a (Re)search participant

"My race is myself. The person is an individual humanity. Every man is a race, Mr. Policeman." Mia Couto

As unique spiritual beings, each of us shares the experience of belonging to certain human conditions that, restricting as they may seem, ultimately support us in how we shape our individual destinies on Earth. How we relate to our physical – racial, sexual, gender – attributes, as well as our cultural, national backgrounds inform us in our path of self-knowledge and becoming.

During the “Questions of Belonging” event, we explored together the human identity under the theme of “Belonging”.This colloquium attempted to give an open space for young people to articulate their own questions about aspects of the human identity and to observe what happens between us when we think these questions through.

“If I could give a gift to the world, it would be to ask the question ‘who am I?’”
- Youth Section Research Project Participant

Click HERE to watch the four guiding thought-lectures