International Youth Section gathering for young class members

International Youth Section gathering for young class members

03 September 2018 139 views

by Milena Kowarik, Switzerland

From 6-8 April, more than 30 young class members met at the Goetheanum in Dornach, to delve into the contents of the first three class lessons. Of the 171 class members worldwide who are under 35 years old, almost a quarter came.

We were an international group from Brazil, Israel, Romania, Germany, the USA, Canada and Switzerland. The impetus for this conference came at the International Youth Section Meeting in The Hague in the summer of 2017, where a small group was formed to deal more intensively with class lessons and the contents of the School of Spiritual Science. The idea also follows on from the initiative of Jörgen Smit, who had worked very intensively with young people during the 19 class lessons in annual meetings. In a similar way we (Roi Schmelzer, Johannes Kronenberg, Janna de Vries, Ioana Viscrianu, Carmen Delia Tromp, Milena Kowarik) wanted to deal with the 19 lessons together. As we are a group from Israel, Holland and Switzerland, the only way to work together was in monthly Skype meetings in which we worked on both content and organisation. We wondered what motives had led us to this initiative and what the aim of this conference could be. What does it mean to be part of a spiritual community in the 21st century? How can we connect in such a way that the Michael’s impulse becomes effective? What does the world need and what do we need?

With the support of Constanza Kaliks we began to devote ourselves intensively to the three soul forces in order to approach the class lessons from this side and gain a deeper understanding. This work was also part of the three days in April. We presented our work, findings and questions and were therefore not only organisationally active, but also significantly involved in the content design. This gave the meeting a special character as we were able to speak from our process and move our questions together in the group.

We were able to get into deep and personal conversations about the contents right from the start and there was a great will to become active for the School of Spiritual Science and the world. We experienced how the class lessons had forged a strong bond between us and what a deep bond this was, even if we did not always agree.The three class lessons were held by Rio ten Cate, Constanza Kaliks and Ron Dunselmann. Ron’s wife Milou helped us to work on the experience artistically.On these three days a seed emerged that now wants to grow into the future. Our wish is to work through every 19 lessons until 2024 in such annual conferences and to deal with related topics of the School of Spiritual Science. A meeting is also planned for next year and we have already started to prepare it.

There was a great need to strengthen the very small group of young class members through such meetings so that in the future the School of Spiritual Science could have a healing effect in the world, which will only be possible with combined efforts in a worldwide community.