How do we Meet the World?

How do we Meet the World?

22 October 2017 213 views

by Ioana Viscrinau

How do we Meet the World?

Reflections on the event in The Hague

Yes, we all spoke English together, we at the conference, or gathering, or meeting, or hang out, in Den Hague. We strive together, speaking a shared language of idealism, a specific, anthroposophic kind of idealism. Our context, the Youth Section of the School of Spiritual Science, brings us into relationship. After getting together as the International Youth Section, I hold each friend warmly in my heart now, and in each friend the world is living. We will do good work together.

F.A., U.S.A.

The Story of How Stars Become Constellations

All stars are different. Different colour, size, brightness, position in the sky, etc. But some of them, maintaining their uniqueness, have something in common with some other stars. When that happens, constellations arise. What makes a star part of this or that constellation, oh, that's a great mystery! It's not just about being near by. It's about holding something together. A bigger picture that wants to appear through those specific stars. A symbol, an ideal, a force, a piece of the future, a new part of the always unfolding, infinit truth. It's a misterious marriage between a group of stars reaching out all together for something very concrete, and this something very concrete coming from above or ahead, looking for a place where to land.That's when we all met. In this marriage, in Den Haag. And something was born out of this marriage: our constellation.That's what it meant to me the gathering in Den Hagg. It was about discovering and recognizing this constellation. Recognizing, seeing and living the fact that this force, ideals, piece of future and truth, are not only something my star carries to its destiny, but that this constellation was born, it exists, and it carries this ideals to their destiny too. Thank you all for this huge huge gift of being able to be not only a star but also a constellation! A constellation it's a powerful thing. Let's all use what we are now for the highest purpose, for an influence full of light, courage and love.

L.R., Spain


What brought the 40 of us together here? What are we seeking for? How is it possible, that we are coming from so different backgrounds, having so different “life-backpacks” and still speaking the same soul-language, an “universal language” of the human being? What is each of us highest ideal? What unites us in our striving? Through the way each of one was, through each of one’s being I could sense that there was a space there, were genuine search and expression could take place. By the way of each one’s way of listening and not only hearing, each story of the different Youth Sections could be in the middle for one moment.

So many initiatives and new project arose out of the gathering! We all returned to our daily life, to our beautiful work in the Youth Sections worldwide...but still through this moment in the Hague, through the seeds we’ve planted together, we stay connected, we are creating together a hopeful future!

That good may become

What from our hearts

We are founding,

What from our heads

We shall guide

With our purposeful willing. -I.V., Germany

Youth Section groups

Youth Section at the Goetheanum.

The task of the Youth Section is to create a space whose values can help the young person to develop impulses and capabilities which will help to discover the own uniqueness in connection to the reality of the world.

To work in this direction demands devotion, commitment and common ground.

To achieve this we need to existentially question the existing world and our instilled education. With courage and faith in ourselves and others a new world can be created and responsible deeds for a viable future can result. Anthroposophy can be a source of inspiration in the path of self-knowledge and of the knowledge of the world.

To accomplish this a cooperation among many people from different parts of the world is needed - people who meet the world with openness, led by their heart forces.

The Youth Section is part of the School for Spiritual Science at the Goetheanum, founded by Rudolf Steiner in 1924.

The Youth Section house is primarily a place for young people to exchange in an opened space.

Young people up to 35, who are connected to the Youth Section, its work, and/or the Goetheanum have the possibility to stay in our house for a limited/short time.

We had a very good Faust Conference at the End of July, with many positive feedbacks. Around 120 young people were taking part and questions about the economical and political situation nowadays were discussed. We will write in the upcoming enews more about this.

We are going next year more in an inner work through the research project we are starting now, in September. Andrea de la Cruz will join us for this project.

Our upcoming event this year is: Kolloquium about questions of our time on the 2nd December. We would like to present then some results out of our project.

Since the 1st of September Juan and Guadalupe are taking care of the Youth Section house.