A discussion with AI about Spirituality

A discussion with AI about Spirituality

05 March 2024 584 views

by Cory Holzinger

Recently, I had the privilege of attending and hosting a workshop at the "Digital Technology and Spirituality" youth conference, an event that resonated with profound discussions and empowering insights.

My workshop, titled "A Discussion with AI about Spirituality”, aimed to delve into the deep connections between artificial intelligence and the essence of human spirituality. Through a participative approach, we embarked on a journey to unravel why Spirituality and AI are linked and require each other.

The workshop goal was to become aware of the need to develop a new capability of discernment, of what is human-made and AI-generated content. In an increasingly technologically-driven world, a not-so-easy task, we soon discovered by looking at text and pictures generated by Chat GPT and MidJourney. The question of what it means to be human emerged as a central theme. We have to redefine our understanding of the qualities that stay unmatched by AI and make us uniquely human.

I proposed one of those central qualities of humanity as the "Warmth Principle," a term coined by the renowned installation artist Joseph Beuys. It explores the concept of warmth in interhuman relationships, anthroposophy, Christ-consciousness, and love. To my delight, this approach of a conscious heart and soul warmth was a reflected theme throughout the whole conference.

For example, Sebastian Lorenz presented us with powerful three-folded tools: Amazement (thinking), Empathy (feeling), and Truthfulness (willing), qualities present only within human interactions. Joan Melé taught us to trust in ourselves and not to be afraid, as with a calm and positive mindset, we can access our will forces and overcome all challenges empowered. Mathias Rang emphasized the qualities of the heart and warm human interactions. To phrase it in my own words, he spoke about how the qualities of technology and Art can consciously fuse to create balance. Furthermore, stunning art performances from Omer Eilam and a group performance led by Nathaniel Williams, showed that we can truly guide technological tools with our human touch and intention to gain spiritual insights and experiences.

In conclusion, my workshop underscored the transformative potential of technology in catalyzing human spiritual evolution. By embracing the challenges posed by AI and engaging in meaningful dialogue, we empower ourselves to navigate the complexities of our time with wisdom and resilience. Through the confrontation with AI, we have a mirror to become conscious and develop new soul capabilities needed to face the challenges of our time and gain more awareness and self-awareness.

The "Technology and Spirituality" conference was a testament to the power of collective inquiry and shared exploration.

I am honored to be part of this heartfelt community of capable individuals with a renewed sense of purpose and a deepened understanding of the profound interplay between technology and spirituality who will be shaping our shared future, by networking.

Cory Holzinger - participant, and workshop leader